PowerPoint Handouts Can Reflect Your Company’s Brand

We all use handouts when we create PowerPoint presentations, but not all users know that with the help of handouts they can reflect their company’s brand in a professional way. Obviously, handouts can’t be called the focal point of PowerPoint presentation, but its design will definitely reflect your company’s design and the overall impression of your PowerPoint presentation. You have to take care about the consistency and the clarity of your PowerPoint presentation and ensure to make seamless slide transitions through matching combinations of colors of both PowerPoint handouts and slides.

Is It Possible To Use Google Docs In Offline Mode?

It goes without saying Google Docs is one of the best modern tools which we use for making and sharing various documents with other people. In most cases we work with Google Docs when we have Internet connection. However, it is also possible to use this great feature for editing documents when we are in offline mode. This is a great advantage when you plan to use your own laptop/smartphone/tablet in any place where you can’t get constant Internet connection. It is very convenient as all editing you apply to your existing document in offline mode will be properly stores and applied to your documents as soon as you get connected to the Internet. You can work offline with Google Docs both on your computer and even mobile device. Both methods are useful and give good results.

Google Docs On Mobile Devices – Offline Mode

In this article we are going to learn how to use Google Docs app on mobile devices in offline mode. If you use a mobile device, it is very convenient and easy to make your own documents available in offline mode. You should discover this method and use it in your daily practice. You will just need to download the app Google Docs inside your mobile device. This app is available for Android mobile devices and for iOS ones as well.

Google Documents Commands – Line Type

You have just created a new Google document but you are not satisfied with the border line of your text box or shape. What can you do in such a case? We recommend you to use the command called “Line Type”. Once you discover it, you will see many different styles for lines, for example dashed lines, dotted lines and even combines dotted and dashed lines.

Google Documents – Adding Shapes

When you create a file in Google Docs you can add a lot of different shapes, such as squares, callouts, arrows and various flowcharts. Any added shape can be easily customized. It is possible to modify the color of your background, to change the width of your lines or to add new text content. Most Google users find shapes to be very convenient for creating unique flow charts and diagrams. Adding shapes you will automatically add great visual appeal to your new Google document.

Google Documents – Introduction To Drawing Tools

When you work with Google Documents, it is very convenient to insert both text boxes and shapes. Google has designed a very convenient tool for drawing called “Drawing Tool”. It has been created for inserting shapes and text boxes directly into your Google Document. It does not mean that they have to be inserted into every document you work with. You can use these shapes and text boxes for setting major details separately from your Google document. They are very important for organizing different types of information. For example you can create flow charts with arrows, lines and rectangles.

PowerPoint And Google Slides – File Conversion

Nowadays when people want to create a presentation they use either PowerPoint or Google Slides. They both have the option for converting files. Let’s compare which one is more convenient.