How To Edit Office Documents With Natural Gestures

Before we start with this tutorial, it is important to mention that this feature is available exclusively for users of Office 365. Working on touch device, your pen or finger gives you so much freedom from the boring keypad. Ink Editor let you use not only drawing, writing, and highlighting options, but also use natural gestures such as circling for selecting or crossing out to remove some items.

Follow these steps in order to start editing with natural gestures:
  • Press “Draw” > “Ink Editor” and choose a pen.

    Shows the Draw Tab in Word 2016 with Pens section highlighted.

    Users who do not have a pen enabled device and who want to use a touch screen device, should select “Draw with Touch” > “Ink Editor”.

Edit your document with the help of natural gestures, do one of the following:
  • Circle for selecting text

    You must draw a circle around the text which you plan to select. In the same way you can select entire paragraphs, sentences, and words. After these you can apply such formatting as italic, bold, and font color.

  • Cross for deleting text

    You will need to draw a line through your text in order to delete it. If you want to delete a big amount of text, you can draw a diagonal line.

  • Applying highlights

    Go to the group “Pens” and select a highlighter pen. You will highlight your text part simply by drawing across it. Draw again for removing the highlight.

  • Joining different words

    In order to get two words joined, you will need to draw a curve. The ends of your curve should touch your selected words.

  • Splitting different words

    In order to get a single word split into two different words, you will have to draw a vertical line.

  • Inserting new words

    If you want to insert additional text content between two words, you will need to draw a caret. After this, you can type the desired words and they will be added.

  • Making new additional lines

    You just have to draw L shape but backwards. Your text which is placed after this shape will move to your new line.

Once your ink edits finished, you can save your record by turning on “Track Changes” in the mode “Simple Markup” on the tab “Review”.

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