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Gratte-ciel Modèles des présentations PowerPoint

Gratte-ciel Modèles des présentations  PowerPoint

SmileTemplates Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Present Your Ideas, Inspire, and Engage Your Audience!

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Why Do You Need A Presentation Template with Infographics & Charts ?

You have the idea...
You see the vision...
You know exactly what you need to do!

And then...

You're Stuck... Like This Cat... :(((

You don't know how to draw graphics.
You don't know how to design.

Yes, you're being held hostage by the graphic illustrator nerds...

And yet, somehow, things that you think should be SO simple... things that should
only take a few minutes...

Somehow they turn into hours, and then days, and then weeks.

Money is wasted, time is wasted...

Need a different approach, a different focus on where you are the best

Yes, SmileTemplates have created templates, so that guys like you…

...who aren't graphic designers
...who don't know how to design

..Can Easily Build Presentation That Are
Proven To Engage! :)

Every Slide, Every Placeholder, Everything Is Done
In Just Minutes!

It’s all about progress and results.

Start creating your presentation in minutes!

For your choice, the most useful 496 pre-made infographics and charts & diagrams slides are available here.
A presentation template that helps you move forward with the right infographics and the right layouts.
There is no need for designer skills or any tech geek experience, our authors have done all this for you.
So, you can focus on what you are the best at and what you need to deliver to your audience!
Just select needed slides by layout, then insert your text into a placeholder, and your professional presentation is complete!
Let’s create the presentation together.

What Makes Each Template So Powerful ?


Using this template you will deliver your message in the best way, and it will keep your audience fully engaged.

instantly ready to work

Save your time while working. Focus where you are the best.

**BONUS for you**: Infographic Slides

To make this template even more powerful, we have developed additional 400 slides with the most common infographics that you may need for your presentation. This is a big bonus and gift for you.


You will receive all updates for these infographic slides monthly. You can download all updates for free.

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What You Get:

Everything you need to succeed in your presentation

Presentation Design (Master, Title and Print Slides) to Present Your New Ideas and Projects

-376 Chart & Diagram Slides

400 The Most Common Infographic Slides (Dark and Light Backgraund)

SWOT Analysis

Timeline Infographics

Social Media Slides

Country Maps Includes: USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany, United Kindom, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Sauth Korea, Ukraine, China, Greece, Portugal, Sweeden, Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Indonesia

Code de produit: 0000002624

Auteur: Demetrius

Template Features:

496 / Diapositives
Infographic & Charts
Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 4:3, 16:10
Shapes: Fully editable vector graphics
Download file: .zip file
Drag & Drop Ready
Resizable graphics without loss of quality
This set gets updated, all new updates are available for you for free.
Based on Placeholders
Creative and clear slides
All slides are made with colorful themes
Supported Software: PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016; Open Office; Google Slides.

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Why SmileTemplates ?

Helping thousands of organizations deliver their presentations

10 years in business 2.5 million customers around the world are delighted

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Dans le cas où vous êtes à la recherche de modèles ppt extraordinaires et attrayantes pour vos propres présentations d'affaires ou personnelles s'il vous plaît prêter toute votre attention à cette nouvelle belle modèle de ppt gratte-ciel. Ce modèle PowerPoint d'origine doit être utilisé pour des présentations e-commerce ou les non-commerciales. Le modèle de ppt gratte-ciel présente une illustration impressionnante d'une mégalopole moderne au moment de la journée. Ces gratte-ciel de verre très impressionnant et très à la lumière du jour. La photo est très forte et détaillée. La présentation PowerPoint faite sur un tel ppt fond bleu lumineux qui va attirer l'attention de votre auditoire potentiel et defintely vous aider dans le processus de création d'une image positive de votre entreprise et de la société elle-même. Ce modèle de ppt gratte-ciel combine différentes combinaisons de couleurs, mais la principale est un bleu et blanc. Ces deux couleurs sont très lumineuses, agréables et bien sûr énergique. Ils reflètent l'atmosphère dynamique d'une ville moderne parparfaitement bien. Le modèle PowerPoint comprend trois modèles de diapositives qui peuvent inclure différents types d'information â € "photos, graphiques, son, etc S'il vous plaît visitez notre site pour trouver des modèles plus intéressantes pour votre entreprise.

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Chana Neal

Is it possible to adjust the cell padding in PowerPoint slide?

SmileTemplates Team

Hello Chana!
Yes, PowerPoint program has this feature.

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